About Us

Growing up, I experienced the pain of dry skin due to undiagnosed eczema and could never find anything that really stopped the flare ups from happening. In the spring of 2019, I decided to really start researching the options for myself and others which began the journey of infused products. First came skincare, and now I am branching out into the world of tinctures, extracts, elixirs and more edible options. 


To help others has always been my goal and I have chosen to work with pain relieving herbs that aid muscle tension, spasms and soreness. I absolutely stand behind the notion that our planet provides us with medicinal herbs that contribute to the healing of our bodies whether it is physical or mental. I have done ample amounts of research on different skin conditions, allergies and what ingredients will work the best while allowing for improvement/changes whenever necessary.


I want to prioritize those with conditions similar to my own, those who have any allergies or scent sensitives and eventually be able to produce on a larger scale! 


Being Black, queer and trans is a huge part of who I am and my products will be discounted for other Black, queer folks. Please reach out if you are Black and/or disabled so we can work together on pricing that will work for you!